Technologist Of The Year 2017

It is with Great Pride that Tyler Morrissette CET accepted the award for Technologist of the year 2017 – from ASET (The Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta).

Being a member of ASET has afforded Tyler the opportunity to be involved in several levels with an organization of 18,000 members that continually advances the rights and recognition for Technologists throughout Alberta.

It is the involvement with the organization and the embracing of Technology that propelled Tyler to this prestigious award. Being involved locally was not enough for him, as he served several terms on Council (to date) and was also active with the Investigation Committee, CTAB (Canadian Technology Accreditation Board) and now TAC (Technology Accreditation Canada) and the ASET Foundation.

The use of a virtual office and implementing several different programs to run a growing drafting business from his basement is what brings out the Entreprenuer and Techie in Tyler. TVSMOR Drafting Services Ltd. Was started through contacts that were made through ASET. The networking opportunities, great friends and business connections that he has made with the organization will continue long into the future, and pride of membership will continue to beam from Tyler.

If he were to offer any words of advice to other members of ASET, it would be to get involved. Your membership is what you make of it. There are endless opportunities to give back to the profession, and the gratifying rewards are plenty.
Thank You ASET for recognizing Tyler Morrissette CET, as your Technologist of the Year 2017!

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